Cuckolding for the couple at the airport hotel

It’s Friday night, it’s hot and I’m laying in bed, too hot to sleep. It’s around 9pm and I was trying to get an early night. The phone rings, and the voice of a clearly dominant guy asks if I can come to meet him and his wife at a hotel in Heathrow. He tells me she’s really hot and he’s dying to watch a guy fuck her!

“No problem!” I reply. I really love working with couples, it’s so much fun to help people out of their safety zones with confidence. Heathrow is an hour away, so I shower and set off!

When I arrive in the hotel lobby, the husband sees me and calls me over. I join him for a pint at the bar and we’re shortly joined by his sexy 5’3″ petite wife.

She is really hot and it looks like she works out! We get on straight away exchanging banter and small talk while he’s getting us more drinks. Once the ice was broken and we’re all getting on, we go up to their room. She’s starting to get nice and flirty touching me while we talk and giving me lingering looks with a wry smile! I love it!

The husband wants to play a little fun card game, cut the deck and the highest card gets to choose what we do. I go first “King”! He goes next… “King”, again! Then his sexy wife goes last… “Ace!” would you believe it! lol

She walks over to the bed and sits on the edge, slowly laying back she then parts her legs, I watched her skirt roll slowly up her thighs as she showed me her pussy! She’s must not have had any nickers on at the bar, the thought just made me hard straight away.

I drop to my knees between her legs, and move my face close to her warm and inviting pussy. I start to lightly flick the tip of my tongue over her already glistening clit. I could see she was soaking wet so I knew to expect… a tongue full of moist pussy juice. “She’s so tasty” I thought. Her husband was doing a great job of encouraging and praising her, like all good submissive husbands should lol

As we started to fuck on the bed, I notice she like to kiss and touch alot, which is fine by me. Her husband walks around filling his eyes at the sight of my hard cock plunging into her over and over. He loves it! He’s wanking while watching us, and it’s making me wanna cum. To slow things down a bit I pull out and sit up. She then says she wants to ride my cock. It’s great to have a hot wife grind on my cock while her husband gets off on watching. She’s makes me harder than ever and she works her beautiful pussy on my cock! She’s moaning louder and louder, but as it’s a hotel, none of us really give a fuck about the noise lol.

She says she wants it doggy! So she climbs of my hard cock and gets on her hand and knees, going further she says she wants to be spit roasted! 🙂

I’m having a little difficulty with the condom, and her hubby can see it. He then quietly gives me a nod to fuck her bare back! Oh bliss! So wet and tight on my cock, we both fuck her in perfect timing, and she’s loving it!. We go at it like this for another 5 mins before she says she wants to cum with her vibrator while we watch! She pushes us both off and lays back with her legs wide open. She grabs her small clit vibrator and pushes it on her small swollen sexy button. Now she starts to get really loud and says she’s gonna cum.

I turn my head to the side so I can really push my tongue in her soaking folds while she pressed her lipstick sized vibrator on her clit. He stood over us keep saying how great it looks. She slowly builds up, she’s grinding on my face and squeezing my tongue with her strong pussy muscles. Her orgasm lasted for what seemed like ages, I could taste and feel her letting out small squirts in my mouth! I love squirting and go crazy sucking up as much as I could!

She eventually lay there, her body occasionally twitching with the remnant of her orgasmic climax.  I lay there just on my front kissing her pussy lips nice and gently – She was a little sensitive from all the rubbing… But her smile!  And his!

“Yeah, thats why I do this job”, I thought!


Threesome on a Sunday Morning!

So I was woken kind of early for a Sunday ( I was a little tired due to DJing late the night before ) by a text just asking if I was available. “Yes I’m available” I replied. It was from a guy in Billericay, he wanted me to come over and have a DP threesome with his wife. I was really excited and nervous as I’d never done DP before. I got up, washed and drove over to their massive house!

The guy opened the front door and stood there in a dressing gown, he greeted me politely and invited me in. Their house was beautiful and they clearly had a large family due to all the photographs. He offered me a drink, they were still on vodka at 8am on a Sunday, i thought it rude not to join in.

He poured me a drink, as his wife came down the stairs. She walked into the lounge where me and her husband were. She’s was around mid 30s, blond & she was hot! He lace gown was left open so I could see her very sexy underwear underneath. Her breasts were plump & natural. I said hello, shook her hand and gave her a peck on the cheek.

We exchanged pleasantries for a little while, and they explained we couldn’t be more than 3 hours as their extended family were coming over later that day. They were clearly more experienced than me with group sex.

The husband then bluntly asked me to lick his wife pussy while he fixed another drink. I looked over at her reclining on the sofa, she had a cheeky look in her eye and a sly grin. She slowly parted her knees revealing her sexy nickers, I could see there was already a damp spot where her pussy lips were.  That was my cue, I walked over to her sofa, got on my knees and went straight to kiss her warm & wet nickers. She lightly moaned and pushed & ground her wetness against my tongue. I lasted about 30 seconds before I had to pull her nickers to one side. She was so wet & tasted soo good, and it was making me so hard!